SU Shopping Spree and “Peaceful Christmas Cardinal” card

Yesterday was a really fun day. About a month ago my mom saw an add in the paper for “scrapbooking supplies”

Our purchases.

and on a whim decided she’d call to see if there was anything for sale that would benefit our card making. And boy, did she ever hit the motherload. Turns out, the add was placed by a lady that had been an SU demonstrator for a few years to support h

Stamp purchases! :0)

t to sell, as she had originally told us that she hadn’t had much of a response to her classified ad at all. She told mom on the phone that yup, she still had “quite a few left.” We got there yesterday and it looked like as much

as when we had first gone. And mom had even told her good friend about it who herself had gone and purchased twelve sets. She puts them out on the island in her kitchen for you to look at, stacks of about six or eight sets high all over the place. Most of the sets are unmounted, and those that have been mounted were done so with the utmost care and used very lightly. Between mom and I, we bought eight more sets and three wheels yesterday there. I took this picture here

Our purchases.

to show you how many stamps we’ve purchased from this lady to help you understand just how fantastic it is because we STILL hardly made a dent in what was there! The stack on the left is the stamps that we bought yesterday. The stack on the right are the stamps we bought in our two previous visits in September.

I can’t remember the names of all the sets, and since I saved the above picture in .GIF format for some odd reason I don’t think you’ll be able to read the names on the ends of the boxes, either.  Off the top of my head, we purchased Christmas Cardinal, Festive Friends, Christmas Carolers, Tres Chic, Smitten, and Fun Phrases yesterday, plus two other sets and three wheels.

Ok, so eight sets purchased yesterday, twelve sets purchased last month from same lady, four sets on order and arriving this week, and four sets purchased from eBay in the last month… where in the heck are we gonna put all of this? I think our dining room hutch will literally be bursting at the seams…

Our dining room hutch that now houses our stamping supplies

Our dining room hutch that now houses our stamping supplies

So of course, in honor of our purchases, took one of my favorite sets from our haul today and the wheel I bought and came up with this:

-Stamps: Christmas Cardinal, Woodcut Holly jumbo Stampin’ Around

-Paper: Always Artichoke, Read Red, Basic Black, White

-Ink: Versamark, Real Red, Always Artichoke

-Accessories: black embossing powder, red glitter

-Technique: embossing, watercoloring, tearing, edge inking, photo corners

Here’s another one of those cards that makes me ask the question “do the people who I send these cards to have any idea exactly how much time I spend on them?” No, they probably don’t, but I’ll keep making them and sending them anyway! :0)

I eagerly used my brand-new “Christmas Cardinal” set and “Woodcut Holly” jumbo wheel from our stamp purchases today. I can’t wait to work with the other sets as well! FUN!

Peaceful Cardinal Christmas

Peaceful Cardinal Christmas


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