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What am I most thankful for?

A recent Plinky prompt asked us to “share five things you’re thankful for.” How do I pick just FIVE things to say I’m thankful for? It’s impossible! But, alas, here are some of the bigger ones on my mind this morning…


1. What About Hank. My first horse who has taught me more than any other person/school/college/book/animal in my life, and he continues to bring a smile to my face daily!

2. Dreamin Nonstop. The BEST best friend a girl could ask for, and he’s a feast for my eyes to boot! Dreamer and I go together like peas and carrots, and I love the time I spend with him or on his back!

3. Brian, the love of my life. I thank God each day that he brought him into my life, and thank Him even more that He brought him back the second time too, this time for keeps!

4. My parents. Sure, they can drive me crazy sometimes, but they love me deeply and put up with me every day! I love them to pieces!

5. My Heavenly Father. If it wasn’t for Him, I know full well I wouldn’t have a single thing. In fact, I know for certain I wouldn’t be alive yet today. He has blessed me with all of the above, and everything else I hold dear in my life.

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